Language Therapy

Enrollment Process 

Services at Sacramento Childhood Language Center
Please follow the steps below if you believe your child would qualify for speech-language-literacy therapy through our Sacramento speech and language therapy center.

Step 1: Contact the Center by phone at (916) 731-4357 or send an email to
You will be asked to provide contact information and to explain your concerns for your child. This conversation should help you better understand our scope of practice. We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. 

Step 2: Download Paperwork
If the child's needs are deemed appropriate for our services you will then be directed to download an application packet. This includes Parent Questionnaire, Authorization for Release of InformationImmunization Records and Policy Agreement. Additional forms may be requested. Teacher Questionnaire, Speech and Language Therapy Questionnaire.


Step 3: Complete & submit the application packet
All requested forms must be completed and returned to this Center before any review of the child’s file can begin. This includes any relevant reports from other agencies, as well as Immunization Records
Please be sure to make a copy of all completed forms for your records.

Step 4: Review
Upon receipt of your child’s information, it will be carefully reviewed. You will then receive a letter regarding your child’s eligibility status. If determined to be appropriate, your child will be placed on our wait-list for an evaluation or a 6-week diagnostic period. If your child falls outside of our scope of practice a referral to another professional may be made.


See our full list of forms here.