Diagnosis & Treatment

The Evaluation Process


At the Sacramento Childhood Language Center, information about a child's skills and abilities is obtained through formal evaluation, observation and review of submitted assessments and reports. An evaluation allows the determination of strengths and weaknesses in oral language (understanding and expression), pre-reading and reading, and written language skills. Observations of strategies utilized by the child during the testing process are an integral component of the evaluation process. Age and grade equivalencies as well as standard scores and percentile rankings are reported when available.



A child's therapy goals are developed based on our clinical team’s experience in a variety of settings, current research and application of techniques and strategies from a myriad of resources. Remediation within skill areas includes the utilization of strengths to support areas that are relatively weak for the child. The Center’s approach to therapy includes input in various modalities of learning (e.g. visual-auditory-kinesthetic-tactile), and teaches the child to use his/her preferred mode with the support of other areas. We address language skills including listening and identifying important information, organizing academic information, expressing thoughts and ideas through appropriate word usage and description, narrative language, and responding to higher-level material which is utilized within the academic environment. Preschool language skills primarily address receptive/expressive language, early/basic concept development and pre-literacy. 

A structured multi-sensory approach is utilized in the instruction of reading. Often referred to as Orton-Gillingham-based or Structured Literacy. Instruction in this area is addressed beginning with early skills such as phonological awareness training (increasing the manipulation of sounds, syllables, and words). Sound-symbol association skills are increased through understanding the production of sounds and how they are sequenced within words. 

Our Sacramento language therapists work with students and their family members to demystify the areas of difficulty in order to reduce frustration. Research shows that when students learn to understand their challenges in light of their strengths, remedial programs are far more beneficial to them.

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