About Sacramento Rite Care

 Sacramento Childhood Language Center

Serving Sacramento Children & Families Since 1987

The Sacramento Childhood Language Center, established in 1987, serves children residing within the Sacramento Scottish Rite Bodies of Freemasonry service area—which extends from Sacramento north to the Oregon state line and east to the Nevada state line.


Sacramento Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center provides diagnostic and treatment services for children with delays in the acquisition of speech and language skills, including the language based reading disability known as developmental dyslexia. Services are provided free of charge. Masonic affiliation is not required.


History of the Scottish Rite Language Centers

Scottish Rite Language Centers were started in the 1950s in Colorado. These programs were initiated by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry to help children with speech and language disorders. There are more than 165 Scottish Rite Language Centers located throughout the United States, 14 of which are in California. These clinics are the primary philanthropic endeavor of Scottish Rite members; therefore, children receive speech and language services at no cost to their families. Over the years, tens of thousands of children have benefitted from the services.

Who We Serve

A child with a speech and language disorder has a special kind of developmental learning disability. Such children are often of average or above average intelligence but have not acquired speech or language in a normal manner. Their challenges may range from a mild articulation delay, severe expressive and/or receptive language difficulty to deficits in literacy. Some of these children have difficulty understanding or remembering what is said to them. Others may understand, but cannot easily express their own wishes and thoughts clearly. The effects of these deficits can be devastating emotionally, socially and academically to children and their families if the problem is not treated at an early age.

Therapy Session Details

Individual 50-minute therapy sessions are scheduled on a once-weekly basis. Intervention is ongoing and year-round for up to 18 months as determined to be appropriate to meet a child’s needs.


Summer-only sessions are not available.


The Center also serves as a training site, providing internships for university students studying the field of Speech Language Pathology.


Contact our office today at (916) 731-4357 for information on our Sacramento language therapy services.